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Research suggests Birmingham attracting record numbers

People with businesses in the area will not be complaining with the latest visitor figures, plus the Car Hire Birmingham Airport branch have had an upturn in car hire bookings recently.

Research has revealed record numbers are visiting Birmingham, plus spending is also on the rise, which supported more than 2,000 new jobs in 2013. A record 34 million people came to the city last year and spent £5.34 billion, up from £5.28 billion in 2012, according to new figures released by Marketing Birmingham’s research arm the Regional Observatory and tourism research body, Global Tourism Solutions.

Ian Ward, deputy leader of Birmingham City Council, said “The impact of Birmingham’s many wonderful attractions continues to bring wealth and growth to the region. These record visitor figures have seen more jobs created in a sector that continues to drive both local and national economic growth. More people than ever are choosing to spend their leisure time here. Our continued investment in transport links, infrastructure and marketing has all contributed to this ongoing success.”

The ‘STEAM’ report, produced annually to assess the economic impact of visitors to the UK’s major cities, also revealed that the increased spend helped to create an additional 2,100 jobs for the city and surrounding region – up three per cent to 63,675 jobs. Since 2006, the number of people visiting Birmingham has gone up by 12 per cent, or 3.6 million, with the value of the city’s visitor economy increasing by 20 per cent, or £8.8 billion.

Paul Kehoe, Birmingham Airport’s chief executive and chairman of Marketing Birmingham, added “This growth in visitor numbers is great news for everyone connected with the city and is a clear sign that Birmingham has now become a world-class tourist destination. This is evidence that the partnerships we have put in place to promote the city, both in the UK and overseas, are really paying off. As a gateway to the region, Birmingham Airport has a vital role to play in ensuring this trend continues. The recent introduction of new routes to European destinations, the planned expansion on existing routes to Delhi and Amritsar and becoming the first UK airport outside of London to welcome a series of direct charter flights from Beijing, are all key departure points for inbound tourists, which is more great news for the city.”

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