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Residents close to Gatwick Airport angry with aircraft noise

The Gatwick Airport Easirent Car Hire location can only sympathise with the local residents who are having issues with aircraft noise.

Residents in Holmwoods, Brockham, Betchworth and Leigh are angry at the constant noise of passenger planes from Gatwick Airport which is making their lives a misery.

For the past few months, the sound of flights taking off from the airport has been clearly heard in the area from the early hours of the morning, with engine noise disturbing the peace until gone midnight.

Campaigner and former Mole Valley District Councillor Mike Ward said “We used to have planes flying over us occasionally and that was basically the only noise we had. The quiet was the main reason we chose to live here. Suddenly, without any warning or consultation, they’re putting all these flights over us. It starts before 6am and continues until nearly midnight, sometimes later. There can be breaks in the day but at peak times you get them every couple of minutes. They’re low enough that you can see the make of the plane and tell what airline it is. If we’re in the garden we can’t talk to each other when the planes are overhead.”

The shift in flight path means 7,200 people are now affected by the changes, who were previously unaffected by the aircraft.

Gatwick Airport spokesman Stuart Buss said “The shifted turning circles of route RWY26 DVR/BIG/CLN may partly account for the changes residents have noticed – however, these are very marginal changes. In terms of consultation, these shifted turning circles were subject to a 12-week consultation process held in 2012 and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority in November 2013.”

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