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Robin Hood Pageant 2015

Nottingham Castle will again be animated by the dramatic events of the Robin Hood Pageant from October 23 to 25. The Friday and Saturday evenings will see an astonishing jousting display between Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham, while the Saturday and Sunday days will be filled with family-friendly activities in the castle grounds – perfect for a weekend’s visit to Nottingham.

Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men take on the Sheriff of Nottingham and his evil henchman in a dramatic horseback jousting display, while street performers and minstrels will entertain visitors in the streets of the illuminated medieval village.

During the daytime sessions, you’;l enjoy a living history lesson in the streets surrounding the castle, alongside a cast of 12th century characters familiar from the Robin Hood tales. Watch street performers, try turning lead into gold, or enjoy a drink at the medieval hostelry – but don’t forget to leave the car behind if you’re planning on sampling the local mead! There will also be a range of medieval crafts to try, from wood carving to table weaving, plus soaring falconry displays.

Tourist visiting Nottingham and hiring a car from the Easirent depot at East Midlands Airport have just a short 25 minute journey from the airport to the city centre. Notting Castle itself only has parking for disabled drivers, but Nottingham city council operates the car parks on nearby Canal Street and Broadmarsh where you can park for the whole day for £5. There are also NCP car parks on St James Street and the appropriately-named Maid Marion Way.

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