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Ryanair plan to grow operations at Birmingham Airport by 25%

Great news for Birmingham International Airport this month as Ryanair have unveiled their plans to extend their operations at the airport by 25%. Their key policy of putting more focus on customer service is a leading factor in their growth plan and it will allow travellers to and from Birmingham to benefit.

The new plans for the airport include two new twice-weekly routes to Corfu in Greece and the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius and they are also adding in more lights to Palma, Malta, Malaga, Barcelona, Dublin and Alicante. In total there will be 21 new routes from Birmingham in the summer 2016 schedule from Ryanair and this should mean that their passenger numbers, just for Birmingham International Airport will reach a huge 1.75 million a year.

In 2014 Ryanair made a considerable change to their customer service approach as well as changing their website, introducing a new, better app, changing their cabin interiors and their cabin crew’s uniforms and changing their inflight menu. This all came alongside the allowance of a second carry-on bag, giving customer a better experience and meaning many more people are choosing to fly with Ryanair – which lets them move forward with their growth plan and give airports like Birmingham the chance to offer even more flights.

With new routes and plenty of extensions of existing ones, Birmingham International Airport will be able to offer even more great value travel opportunities to its customers thanks to Ryanair.


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