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Schools in Edinburgh facing another Spending Cut

Iain who works at Car Hire Edinburgh Airport thinks there will also be concern by parents as more budget cuts are due to be taken from money available for schools in the city.

Schools and children’s services in Edinburgh are going to have their spending cut by £5.9 million, creating new worry for the impact this will have on Edinburgh classrooms. Additional savings over the 2013-14 sessions are shown in new figures, which are looking to address budgetary pressures, which have created significant challenges.

These proposals come on top of £7.5 million in cuts to schools and early years spending announced last month as £16 million has to be cut by 2017-18.

Alan McKenzie, acting general secretary of the Scottish Secondary Teachers Association, said: “Claiming that there will not be an effect on the frontline is simply not true. My greatest fear is that you cut and cut until you are left with a heavily emasculated education service. I would say we are near to that and it’s only the goodwill of teachers that’s keeping it above water.”

There is worry from parent leaders with the news of these cuts as fears of how Edinburgh’s education service will cope against the backdrop of soaring demand and costs. Measures to try and balance the books include using existing cash reserves and worryingly not filling current staff vacancies.

Tina Woolnough, Edinburgh representative for the National Parent Forum for Scotland, said, “Parent councils across the city have been waiting for awful things to happen and the view is that there’s nothing left to cut. As well as visible cuts, you have embedded cuts year on year, so this is cuts on top of cuts. Any cuts they’re making, wherever they make them, will impact on children – back-office cuts have a knock-on effect on support for schools.”