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Second runway at Gatwick Airport would be a bad idea suggest conservative MPs

The Car Hire team at Gatwick Airport are not shocked to read some local MPs are against the proposed run way expansion. 

A group of Conservative MPs from Sussex, Surrey and Kent, think a second runway at Gatwick Airport would be a disaster. A group called the Gatwick Coordination Group (GCG) has been established by five backbenchers, to highlight serious local concern about proposed expansion and devastation to the local environment. Plus it would leave the UK with a major airport in the wrong place.

The CGC group includes Sir Nicholas Soames, Crispin Blunt, Sir Paul Beresford, Sir John Stanley and Charles Hendry.

A statement from the group said “We believe that the building of a second runway at Gatwick Airport would be a disaster for the surrounding communities and environment. The level of development, associated with an airport serving nearly three times as many passengers as it does now, would devastate the local environment and leave the UK with its major airport in the wrong place. There is also no adequate plan yet presented to provide the necessary infrastructure, of all types, to support this development. The size of the Gatwick site only lends itself to a single runway airport, serving as a sensible, competitive alternate to London’s main hub airport. While they pursue that objective, Gatwick Airport Limited will have our support, but this proposal is not in the local interest, nor is it in the national interest, and this group will work to prove that case.”

Currently Gatwick Airport is consulting on future flight path options in and out of the airport.

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