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Security Company G4S bid to provide Security at Glasgow Commonwealth Games

With the Commonwealth Games fast approaching, Car Hire Glasgow Airport think it is a better idea that the security contracts are split up to try and avoid the issue that hampered the Olympics in Lonon last year.

A bid has been placed by G4S to provide security at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. They were the company that were used at the London Olympics but were criticised for not providing enough staff. It had to pay £70 million in compensation to organising committee Locog, which ended up using 3,500 soldiers to fill the gaps.

The security has been broken up for the Commonwealth Games, to spread the risk and avoid a repeat of London 2012. The company feel they are well placed in Scotland as they have 5,000 staff. A G4S spokesperson said, “We already work for Hampden Park, Ibrox Stadium, and the new Hydro Arena, and have unrivalled experience at major events such as T in the Park and RockNess. So as the existing provider of stewarding services at a number of Games venues, we are participating in the process to be included in the framework to continue to provide these services during the Games. We can confirm we are not bidding to be part of the guarding framework.”

On the flip side the chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, Keith Vaz thinks G4S should not be bidding for contracts after what happened in London.