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Smart Boarding Cards to track passengers at Heathrow Airport

A new way to track customers through the airport has been installed, with the aim to end passengers turning up late and missing flights. This is predicted to be a good idea by the team at Car Hire Heathrow Airport from what has been written about the trials that took place.

A new system of smart boarding cards at Heathrow Airport aims to put an end to people who fail to turn up for flights and put a stop to last minute calls and searches for passengers.

As the boarding pass already includes a barcode where flight details are embedded, instead of flight staff reading the information, the pass is scanned by an automatic gate which can tell if a passenger has entered the departure lounge. If a passenger turns up less than 30minutes before departure (which is the cut off time set by airlines to reach the gate), they are sent back to the check in desk.

After week of trials at terminals one and three, found that 44% of the 35,000 departing passengers were at risk of being late at the gate. Around 700 were told to hurry up and a further ten had to go back to the check in desk as they had not set enough time to get through security.

If a plane looses its slot due to late passengers it costs an estimated £67 for each minute on the tarmac waiting to go. The airport made its own calculations and said that 50,000 minutes of delays a year costing £3.5 million.