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Swarms of bees arrive at Glasgow City Chambers

The Car Hire Glasgow Airport hub think it is a great idea to help increase the bee population by housing some on top of one of the city’s tallest buildings. 

Glasgow is helping to halt the decline of the bee population by having two colonies introduced on the roof of the City Chambers building. In recent years honeybee numbers have been hit by disease, increased pesticide use, lack of foraging and climate change.

Sustainable Glasgow has introduced the hives which will be insulated to keep them warm in winter, with council staff already volunteering to look after them. To make sure they have settled in council leader Gordon Matheson clambered on to the roof to check out the hives.

The bees will travel as far as three miles from their new homes to find pollen and are expected to visit flowers in George Square and Glasgow Green as well as flying to other parks. The wax they produce will be used as polish for the Satinwood Suite which is lined with satinwood imported from Queensland.

Mr Matheson said “Bees are exceptionally important to the food chain. They pollinate a third of the food we eat and also pollinate trees which help reduce air pollution by taking in carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Sadly, their numbers have dropped dramatically in recent years so Sustainable Glasgow is doing its bit to help reverse that decline by installing these two hives right in the centre of the city.”

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