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The Birthplace of the Wellington boot in Edinburgh could be saved

Car Hire Edinburgh Airport are pleased that a piece of local history is at worst being restored, if not to its former glory.

Edinburgh housed the birthplace of the Wellington boot at Castle Mills in Fountainbridge is a step closer to being saved, by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). It has been awarded £5 million to be transformed into a creative arts and print-making centre.

Colin McLean, head of the Heritage Lottery Fund, said, “Castle Mills was once at the heart of a thriving community, but now stands empty and neglected. We are delighted to help unlock its potential.”

The rubber mill also pioneered the modern car tire and the first-ever traffic cone, has been on the Buildings at Risk register made 1.2 million pairs of Wellington boots to supply the soldiers in the First World War. At the top of its existence the North British Rubber Company employed 8,000 people.