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The Chairman of Heathrow Airport Agrees to Stay

It is good news for Heathrow Airport as Car Hire Heathrow Airport give news of the recent pending annoucement at a board meeting, in which the chairman is due to reveal his plans to stay. 

An announcement was due on Wednesday, involving Heathrow Airport chairman Sir Nigel Rudd staying on for a further three years to support the airport through the cause over the expansion plans between all the southern airports.

The reason is to battle to win Government backing for expansion of Heathrow Airport, meaning Sir Nigel Rudd will be at the helm until 2016. After some thought of stepping aside, a deal with the industrial group he chairs, Invensys is to be taken over by French company Schneider Electric, resulting in him being able to step aside from that.

The investors at Heathrow Airport were keen for Sir Nigel Rudd to stay on as it would provide continuity to the airport, during the run-up to the airport capacity debate. It has argued that it has the quickest and cheapest way to fix the looming capacity issue, with the building of a new third runway costing £18 billion and would open between 2025 and 2029.