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Thousands of bees will be housed on the outskirts of Gatwick Airport

Car Hire Gatwick Airport are telling their customers to not be concerned if they notice any bees around the airport, as hives have been brought in to one of the conservation areas.

There is now a new work force at Gatwick Airport as thousands of bees could be the airport by the summer. This is after the Gatwick Greenspace Partnership (GGP) moved three hives of honey bees onto one of the conservation areas at the airport in the last week.

Thomas Simpson, an assistant wildlife officer, said “We opened the hives and quickly took cover! Instead of an angry swarm enraged by our intrusion, we watched as the bees began to slowly emerge and take a few circling flights before returning to the safety of the hive.  This tentative orientation flight is a good sign that they will settle into their new location. This summer the colony will swell to 40,000 to 50,000 workers, a single queen and few hundred male bees known as drones. I’m looking forward to opening up the hives during the next couple of weeks to see how our new workforce is settling in.”

The change in weather conditions and a decrease in people becoming bee keepers have led the GGP to improve the biodiversity of the area. The hives have been placed in Ashley’s Field on the outskirts of the conservation site.