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Top 5 Castles near Cardiff

If you’re flying into Cardiff Airport and you’re looking to experience the beauty of the Welsh countryside and its heritage, then where best to start than visiting some of the country’s most idyllic castles? Wales is unbeatable when it comes to castles and fortified ruins, and its rich history is grounded in the Civil War as well as plenty of Tudor and Victorian influences. Pick up your Easirent hire car from our Cardiff Airport depot and head to some of our favourite castles in the region.

1. Raglan Castle

Located less than 45 miles from our Cardiff Airport pick up point, Raglan Castle is a stunning statement of wealth and power on the Welsh border. Evoking the magic of earlier fortresses such as Caernarfon Castle, Raglan Castle has a great tower and a great gatehouse which will certainly make a lasting impression. The castle itself was built for show as opposed for practical, battle lead influences yet it still managed to hold off Oliver Cromwell’s forces for over 13 weeks during the Civil War. Raglan Castle was used as a film location for the popular BBC series Merlin.

2. Dinefwr Park and Castle

Hop in your Easirent hire car and head to Dinefwr Park and Castle, which is located in Carmarthenshire, just over an hour’s drive from our Easirent pick up point at Cardiff Airport. Standing majestically, overlooking the surrounding Welsh countryside, the castle has links to the princes of Deheubarth, the kingdom of south west Wales. Now a formidable fortress, the castle fell into the hands of the English in 1287.

3. Powis Castle

Slightly further away from Cardiff Airport than the other castles we have included in this list is Powis Castle. However, it is definitely worth a visit if you’re planning a Welsh road trip in your Easirent hire car. Reachable within three hours from our Cardiff Airport base, Powin Castle was built around 1200 as a medieval fortress for the Welsh Princes of Powys. After having been sold to Sir Edward Herbert in 1587, Powis Castle’s interiors were altered to include a stunning long gallery, decorated with the family coat of arms. Nowadays, the castle is home to world-famous gardens of Italian and French influence.

4. Laugharne Castle

Less than 80 miles from our Easirent branch at Cardiff Airport, Laugharne Castle is medieval in origin and stands proudly in the centre of Laugharne, a sleepy seaside town which was made famous by the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. Actively used during the Civil War, Laugharne Castle has gone through extensive renovations, which include the introduction of stunning Victorian gardens.

5. Caerphilly Castle

Only a short drive from our Easirent branch at Cardiff Airport, Caerphilly Castle is considered one of the best surviving castles in the medieval western world. Built by Earl Gilbert de Clare in 1268 to intimidate Llwelyn, the last native Prince of Wales, the castle was taken by him when it was half built, but later returned upon Llwelyn’s death.

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