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Top 6 Bake Houses

We might have the Great British Bake Off to blame but there has been a huge boom in the traditional bake house and bakery. Around London you will find independent and small chain bakeries almost everywhere and here at Easirent we’ve put together eight of the best to look out for.

1. La Fabrique

Fresh and natural ingredients are what ensure La Fabrique stand out from the crowd. The small bakery is hidden away under the arches not far from Hoxton Overground Station in the East End. The owners have taken real time and energy to ensure they have the perfect baking method for all of their products and it definitely works. Gourmand breads sit aside crisped to perfection Danish pastries and sugar-sweet Cinnamon buns.

2. Cocomaya

Combining the boutique bakery with a chocolate shop, Cocomaya is one of Westminster’s most popular independent cafes. They change up their selection of cakes and bakes regularly which keeps them interesting and they also offer flourless cakes and other options which cater to different dietary requirements.

3. La Patisserie Des Reves

With a name that translates as the patisserie of dreams, this bakery sets itself a high standard and smashes right through it. It is a small French chain with two shops based in London, one on Marylebone High Street and one cosily squeezed into the French district in South Kensington. Their pastries are rich, their teas and coffees are diverse and varied and the interior is both clean and fresh but also welcoming. This bake house gives you the chance to experiment with new flavours.

4. Bread Ahead

Less bake house, more popular maker stand, Bread Ahead is the brain child of Justin Gellatly and stands proud in Borough Market. The doughnuts on offer have been described as the most generously filled in the whole of London and you’ll find modern flavours such as salted caramel alongside jammy classics. The popularity of this bakery is made clear with early sell outs almost guaranteed every Saturday.

5. Hummingbird Bakery

Probably the most famous bakery in London right now, with cookbooks selling nationwide and beyond, Hummingbird Bakery is a must-visit for baking fans and their American-inspired cupcakes are part of the cupcake craze that is now swamping the UK. Hummingbird Bakery does not disappoint and their whole atmosphere is just like a New York City joint, with Mississippi mud pie and fluorescently iced cupcakes that look fab as well as tasting great.

6. Betty Blythe Tea Room

The opposite of the Hummingbird, Betty Blythe could not be more quintessentially English. In West Kensington Betty Blythe’s has an eclectic English feel, with mismatched vintage crockery and twenties inspired afternoon teas a speciality. The counter is heaped high with moreish cakes and pastries and the whole tea room has an air of real nostalgia.

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