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Top 6 Coffee Shops – Glasgow

1. Tchai-Ovna

Pick up your Easirent hire car from our Glasgow Airport depot and head to Tchai-Ovna, a speciality teahouse in the centre of Glasgow. Specialists in tea from the far flung corners of the globe, including Vietnam, China, Japan and Nepal, Tchai-Ovna also serve up delicious food. So pop in and see them next time you’re in Glasgow and and choose from their wide ranging menu, which features dishes such as baba Ganoush and extensive vegetarian options.

2. Tinderbox

Located in Glasgow’s popular West End, the Tinderbox cafe is a very trendy cafe and eatery and is usually buzzing with locals and tourists alike. Pick up your Easirent hire car from our Glasgow Airport depot and head to Tinderbox for some specially selected, locally sourced food and a carefully selected cappuccino.

3. Papercup

Papercup is much more than just a coffee shop, it also specialises in coffee master classes and they sell their own roasted coffee beans in store. As soon as you walk through the front door, you’ll notice the laid-back vibe and the basic decor and you can expect to learn a lot about the different types of coffee beans available in store, from the highly knowledgeable team.

4. Kember and Jones

Are you looking for a coffee shop that not only makes an incredible cup of coffee, but also serves delicious food? Well look no further than Kember and Jones in Glasgow city centre. Drop in during the day and choose from their breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner menus and you’ll definitely be in for a treat. Their bread is freshly made on site each day and the cafe offers an excellent range of fresh cheese and meat.

5. McCune Smith

Located in the Townhead area of Glasgow, McCune Smith is a gourmet cafe which is set to the theme of the Scottish Enlightenment. Exuding class and exuberance, this small eatery is named after Dr James McCune Smith, an African American abolitionist who once studied in the city. Make sure that you arrive early as there are only a few tables inside, and the food is not to be missed. Choose from an eclectic menu, which include classics inspired by America, Scotland and the Mediterranean.

6. Artisan Roast

This quaint little coffee shop is the place to go if you’re looking for a good cup of coffee and amazing food. A very trendy Scottish cafe, the Artisan Roast tends to fill up pretty quickly so it is advised that you arrive early to guarantee that there will be some food left after the lunchtime rush. The Artisan Roast caters for a wide range of needs and dietary requirements, and there is a wide range of vegan and vegetarian foods available.

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