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Top 6 Free Museums

There are so many things to see in the capital it can be hard to know where to start but at Easirent we suggest checking out these free opportunities first, with a chance to see some of the finest collections and learn something about the history of more than just London.

1. British Museum

The number one choice and an absolute must-visit for all tourists in the city of London. The British Museum opened in 1753 and is extremely proud to have remained free ever since. It is a huge venue with over 7 million objects to explore and so a day trip probably won’t cut it. There is so much to see you may want to pick out some highlights to look out for.

2. London Science Museum

The London Science Museum features a huge seven floors of entertainment and education. It has many breath-taking exhibits, none more so than the Apollo 10 command module. It also has its own flight simulator and a dedicated area for contemporary scientific, medical and technological discoveries in the Wellcome Wing. There is also a fascinating Medical History Gallery and hands-on elements including the dedicated Launch Pad area for younger visitors.

3. Horniman Museum

The Horniman Museum is set in the landscaped gardens of Forest Hill in South London and has remained free since its foundation by tea trade Frederick Horniman in 1901. Much of the original collection can still be explored and viewed and there are some truly fascinating exhibits. The stand-out feature at the Horniman is probably the over-stuffed walrus – a hilarious example of taxidermy gone a little bit wrong as the taxidermist behind it had no idea what a walrus actually looked like and over filled the flaps of skin that usually hang loose.

4. National Maritime Museum

The National Maritime Museum is on Greenwich Park and was first designed in 1616 and finally completed in 1638. The museum has the permanent Maritime London gallery which shows off some of the most important elements of London’s maritime heritage. Exhibits include everything from the wreckage of a Zeppelin which was shot down over the Thames Estuary in 1916 to the original plans for Nelson’s Column.

5. Victoria and Albert Museum

In the heart of Kensington and known around the world, the V&A is the world’s largest museum of decorative art and design. It has a permanent collection that includes over 4.5 million individual objects and its foundation stone was late by Queen Victoria in her final public engagement in 1899. There are 150 galleries over seven floors and there are simply hundreds of unique items to view and others which are demonstrative of their moment in history. There are also regular travelling exhibits to the museum including the current Fabric of India exhibition.

6. Natural History Museum

London’s Natural History Museum is another extremely famous venue which you can enjoy for free and it is once again in Kensington. It is housed in a huge and beautifully designed Victorian building and houses some of the most fascinating exhibits of the natural world. It is most famous for its huge dinosaur skeletons and it is one of the most popular attractions in London, so expect queues at peak times.

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