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Top 6 Hidden Speakeasies

Speakeasy culture is becoming more and more popular across London and more secret, hidden venues are popping up all over the city. Here at Easirent we’ve pulled together six of the best classic speakeasies which offer something unique and memorable for guests and resident Londoners alike.

1. M

M is far from a hidden venue, with a huge profile and a recognisable name in former Gaucho MD Martin Williams as its owner and creator but in their Victoria Street venue, in the heart of Westminster, there is a hidden gem that offers an exceptional environment for the sophisticated traveller. The Den is hidden by a concealed door on the upper level of the bar and restaurant and inside The Den is everything you need to relax in luxury. It includes grand and inviting décor as well as a state-of-the-art sound system and even a stylish version of the traditional foosball table.

2. Callooh Callay

Callooh Callay is one of London’s most notorious modern speakeasies. Opened nearly six years ago now it is based in the Shoreditch Triangle and attracts only the most exclusive of crowds. It has three separate bar areas and it has an almost maze-like feel as you have to pass through a Narnia-inspired wardrobe to reach certain parts of the bar. It’s a truly original concept and one which has kept punters coming back for more. The quirky décor is matched by equally quirky and original cocktails. Whether visiting London for business or pleasure, a trip to Callooh Callay will not be forgotten.

3. Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

With a name which makes it immediately intriguing, Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town is accessed via the Breakfast Club on Artillery Lane and once again it is cleverly concealed. This intimate miniature cocktail bar is hidden behind the retro red door of a Smeg fridge and once you’re inside you’ve got a classic bare brick speakeasy, complete with quirky elements including taxidermy and other oddments placed artfully around.

4. The Natural Philosopher

A Bethnal Green repair shop by day, a stylish and popular speakeasy by night, The Natural Philosopher calls the basement and storeroom of Macsmith Apple Repairs shop its home. The Natural Philosopher has the eclectic decoration that guests have come to expect of their speakeasies and The Natural Philosopher stands out because of the almost academic-inspired decoration, with desks, masses of plants and greenery and large wall hangings. The bar feels a little like the old storeroom that it actually is, except you can enjoy a stylish cocktail or two as you relax there.

5. Barts

Open for five years now and discreetly hidden behind a plain, unassuming door, Barts is Chelsea’s go-to speakeasy and it was one of the first of this type of hidden entry bar before the trend grew. Guests reach bars through the Chelsea Cloisters building and then you have to ring a traditional bell for entry. Once you’re in the atmosphere is like an old-school prohibition party.

6. Eight Bank

Deep down underground the Eight Club in the Bank area is accessible via the narrow passageway of Change Alley, which is just off Cornhill. The front door is entirely non-descript, black and displaying not a single clue of what lies behind. Once you’re in there’s two flights of stairs don to scale and there is member’s club element of Eight Club, as well as regularly speakeasy evenings including live music, DJs and a frequently changing choice of cocktails.

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