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Top 6 Things To Do in Central London

There are plenty of fun filled things to do in the heart of London city centre. Pick up your Easirent hire car from our Kings Cross Euston depot and head to some of our favourite places in Central London.

1. Royal Opera House

Located in the heart of London’s Covent Garden, the Royal Opera House is famous for hosting a variety of different entertainment genres, and is home to the Royal Ballet. Take a behind the scenes, backstage tour of the grand auditorium and find out how the magic comes to life. If you’re lucky, you might even get a sneak peek of the Royal Ballet in class.

2. St Paul’s Cathedral

Standing proudly on one of the highest points in Central London, St. Paul’s Cathedral is an architectural feat of Sir Christopher Wren’s and is home to one of the most baffling and bizarre aural anomalies. Head high into the cathedral into the famous Whispering Gallery, which is constructed in such a way that you can whisper to people standing 100 feet away from you, and they will hear you as clear as day.

3. St. James’ Park

Take the kids along to meet the famous residents of St. James’ Park – the pelicans that is. The pelicans have been a feature of the park since 1664 when they were first donated as a gift from the Russian Ambassador to the British Royal Family. Nowadays they are a big tourist attraction and you might be able to catch a glimpse of them at feeding time on the banks of the park’s central lake.

4. London Transport Museum

Is there anything more iconic in London than the red bus? A symbol of London, recognised the world over, the big red London bus has transformed over the years from a traditional Routemaster to the modern version you see before you today. Step back in time at the London Transport Museum and sit behind the steering wheel of an old traditional Routemaster bus. Take the kids along and they can play on the mini versions designed especially for them.

5. Globe Theatre

Standing on the Southbank, Shakespeare’s Globe is merely a few hundred feet from the location of the original Globe Theatre. Become a ‘groundling’ for the day with a £5 ticket to see one of Shakespeare’s most iconic plays.

6. Borough Market

Located in the heart of London city centre, Borough Market is one of the most popular outdoor markets in the city. It is also London’s oldest food markets, so make sure that you get there early before you hit the lunchtime rush.

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