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Top 7 Coffee Shops – Cardiff

1. Coffee #1

Often found on lists of the best coffee shops in the whole of the UK, Coffee #1 is a true story of Cardiff success. It specialises in ethically sourced high quality coffees for customers heading to and from the city’s central station. It was the first ever Coffee #1 in the country, with 50+ now existing around the UK and the flagship store is the blueprint for a company which has repeatedly picked up the Best UK Coffee Chain Award. Snacks, sandwiches and cakes can be enjoyed too, with teacakes a speciality.

2. The Little Man Coffee Co.

With an authentic feel and a focus on thinking local, the Little Man Coffee Co brews up locally roasted coffee and cakes baked nearby too. In the vein of a real ale pub you can occasionally enjoy something special in the form of one of their visiting guest beans and the whole atmosphere of the shop is relaxed, inviting and perfect for lazing around after a busy work or shopping session.

3. Torre Coffee

One for the students as it is one of a small number of non-chains who offer a student discount and it sits in a picturesque spot just opposite Cardiff Castle. What really makes Torre stand out though is the exceptional skill and flair of their baristas and their commitment to latte art. Order your latte or even a cappuccino and watch the magic happen.

4. Waterloo Gardens Teahouse

A little further out of the city but like Coffee #1 the Waterloo Garden Teahouse features on many a list amongst the best coffee houses in the country. Housed in the centre of regal Edwardian terraces on the outskirts of the Penylan area of Cardiff this is a teahouse which also stands out for its exceptional coffee. They do things a little differently with everything from your standard Americano to more exotic matcha latte and the staff have both the knowledge and the creative flair to make your visit truly enjoyable. The Waterloo Gardens Teahouse is certainly worth driving your hire care a little out of the city for.

5. Stag Coffee

Small but absolutely charming, Stag Coffee offers an intimate stop on your coffee travels around the city. Delicious foods sit alongside high quality coffee, sourced from the award-winning Coal Town Coffee Company. The shop has a bit of a ramshackle feel but it adds to the charm and it stands out when compared to all the familiar high street names.

6. The Plan

The Plan takes pride of place in the heart of Morgan Arcade and it has a traditional feel, nothing ground-breaking but honest, good quality coffee and food. They offer up their artisan coffee with the help of an experimental coffee obsessive who doubles as their head barista: The Coffee Vagrant.

7. The Caffeine Kid

Proudly going where no one has gone before, The Caffeine Kid a.k.a. Will Corby travels the globe to source the finest beans and roasts them to create the sweetest blends for city dwellers around the UK. Visitors to Cardiff can find Corby in his regular spot at Riverside Farmers’ Market every Sunday and have the chance to taste his latest fresh brews.

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