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Traditional family duck feeding banned in Glasgow Park

Car Hire Glasgow Airport are saddened by the news for many young children and their families who use  the park in question.

As one of the regular traditions of many families throughout the UK, feeding the ducks at a city’s pond or in the park could seem to be harmless. Although in Glasgow the busy Queen’s Park has now had signs put up by Glasgow City Council, warning fines will be issued if anyone is found feeding the ducks in case of a rat infestation.

Any person who is caught could face a £50 fixed penalty fine under section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The rat infestation originally came to light when an outbreak occurred in 2011.

A council spokesman said yesterday “Although there are currently no signs of vermin in the park, feeding the ducks has been shown to attract vermin in the past. We urge people to ensure the park remains a safe and enjoyable place for all and not feed the ducks.”

One person thinks it is a huge overreaction by the council considering would they impose a fine to a young child who is throwing bread in to the pond for the ducks.