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Traffic services at Gatwick Airport to be provided by a German company

Changes are taking place which Easirent Car Hire at Gatwick Airport consider to be of some disappointment to the firm which has provided the control services for such a long time.

The control services at Gatwick Airport will be provided by a German company from next year. A ten year contract for services below 4,000ft around the airport has been given to Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS). The service has been provided by Hampshire based NATS for more than thirty years, who will continue to navigate air traffic above 4,000ft.

Mike Stoller, director of operations, airports, for NATS, said “We are extremely disappointed that the highly competitive bid we submitted to Gatwick has been unsuccessful. We have added considerable value to Gatwick in recent years, building it to the point where with 55 movements an hour it significantly out-performs every other single runway airport in the world.”

Chief executive officer Stewart Wingate said “Gatwick operates the busiest and most efficient single runway airport in the world. Naturally safety comes first in everything that we do. DFS is a well-known and well-respected provider in this industry and across Europe and has demonstrated a forward looking approach to its business which matches our own ambitious plans to grow.”

Staff at Gatwick Airport would transfer to DFS with Klaus-Dieter Scheurle, the chief executive officer of DFS saying, “We are pleased that the DFS Group has been awarded the contract for Gatwick Airport and are looking forward to providing safe and efficient air traffic control services with the Gatwick tower staff.”

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