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Tram route in Edinburgh set to overcome major obstacle

It will be great for the proposed St James Quarter according to Car Hire Edinburgh Airport if the tram extension gets the green light.

One of the major obstacles for the tram route in Edinburgh down Leith Walk is believed to have been overcome. Key negotiations have been taking place between city council officials and developers of the £850 million St James Quarter about extending the tram from York Place and the building of a new stop Picardy Place.

This would result in underground utility diversions and enabling work to take place outside St Mary’s Cathedral. The firm behind the development, Henderson Real Estate has long viewed the retail development as an important cog along the two arms of the tram line.

The cost of the extra 2.8 miles of track to the end of the originally planned route at Newhaven is estimated at £80 million. With engineering advances and the lessons learned from the airport line it is believed this has lead to the reduction in funding required.

The plan has been welcomed by Royal Yacht Britannia chief executive Bob Downie, he said “We’ve had the inconvenience for a number of years with no benefit. I’m pleased to hear that this is being considered – it makes sense for everyone to just finish it off.”