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University in Edinburgh remains in the top 100

The latest top places to study have been revealed and Car Hire Edinburgh Airport report on where the UK stand in the list.

Edinburgh University is still Scotland’s only higher education institution on a list of the most prestigious places to study in the world. It held the 46th position, with the majority of the upper end of the table being dominated by US Universities.

The list is based on a survey of top senior academics, has Harvard at the top, with Massachusetts Institute of Technology second and Stanford at number three. The top UK University is Cambridge in fourth, which were third the previous year and Oxford is next rounding out the top five.  

Rankings editor Phil Baty said “The UK has lost three big-name universities from the list since the rankings were first published in 2011. In 2012, the University of Sheffield exited the rankings, the University of Leeds followed suit in 2013, and this year the University of Bristol misses out. Given how important global reputation is in attracting top international talent, collaborations and investment, this is cause for concern.”

The US has the most Universities in the top 100, with forty six, Germany is just behind the UK with six. Australia and Japan have five each and there are twenty countries with at least one University in the list.

Wendy Piatt, director-general of the Russell Group, which represents 24 top universities including Edinburgh and Glasgow, said “Our leading universities continue to be held in high regard around the world with the UK coming second only to the United States overall. However, UK public spending on higher education and research is comparable with that of Slovakia and Chile, far less than competitors like the US, China and most western European countries.”