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Useful things to know when collecting your car

With rising complaints about damage and misplaced liability in the rental world, Easirent’s social media team have created a little FAQ for customers to read BEFORE receiving their hire car.




Taking photographs of your hire car is a must.

When hiring a car and checking it over, it is advised you take photographs of (or even videotape*) the exterior, interior and underneath of the vehicle. Some car hire companies fail to correctly document the condition of their cars when handing over to the next customer and so you must record every scratch, dent, ding and mark you can see.
Don’t worry about wasting the staff’s time, it is important and they will understand you are serious about keeping the car in perfect condition. If you notice anything that the worker does not mark down on his check sheet, ask to involve another member of staff to complete your check-out or for a different car (where available).
We suggest you photograph both sides of the car, the bonnet, windscreen, back door/boot, tyres and the back seats.

Note: If you’re at a branch with poor lighting, ask to drive the car somewhere nearby (a petrol station, for example) that’s well-lit to conduct your visual inspection. Do not drive the car away with the intention of checking over the car at a later time, this could highly affect your liability of any unrecorded damage done before your return time/date.

*If you are videotaping, hold the camera steady, and make sure it’s set to the highest resolution. If you’re shooting still images, and you have the option to timestamp the photos, make sure that function is activated on your camera.


We recommend you keep hold of these images for at least 6 months after your rental finishes in case of a damage case being filed against you that you wish to dispute. Our staff will also have photographs of the car and any damage but it is helpful to have your own from before your hire began. After that, feel free to delete these files.

We will give you a copy of the check sheet for you to sign and every opportunity for you to contest any damage we have noted (or add any we may have missed). Don’t, under any circumstances, leave without a copy of the signed form.

Note: Don’t feel embarrassed to ask our staff members to teach you how to use a car if you are unfamiliar with it. It is better to ask how to use keyless start than find yourself locked out of your hire car the next morning(!)


damage check sheet


What if I see a ding, dent or crack?

If you spot a scratch or dent while you’re photographing the vehicle, tell a member of our staff. You will either need to document the damage in writing or ask for a different vehicle. Don’t let anyone tell you that a dent or scratch “the size of a golf ball or smaller” doesn’t count. Everything counts. Don’t feel like you may be being picky, because you could be held accountable for those dents later on. Also, scratches and other imperfections are difficult to see when the car isn’t clean. If you need to take a dirty vehicle, be extra vigilant about noting the damage on your form. Again, make sure our staff signs off on it.

Other flaws to look out for:
• Car appears unsafe to drive (balding tires, lights don’t work).
• Registration plate does not match up to the reg on the form you signed.
• No items lefts in car from previous hire (wallet, keys, mobile phones, etc.)
• Chipped windshield. You should have zero tolerance for anything irregular on the front or back windshield.
• Upon driving off, don’t be afraid to return if you feel the car is not driving properly.

We want to know about any problems with the car during your hire so please don’t hesitate to contact the branch you drove away from as soon as you spot/notice anything unusual. It is in our best interests to protect the integrity of our cars, prevent breakdowns and help get you on your way.

easirent car hire front desk checking out

Fully cover yourself

Insurance cover, especially in car rentals, is a big talking point and most people perceive it as a means for car rental companies to charge extra. This is not true when a customer is given the option and all the information right from the start – before they even book.
On our website, we offer the two most popular options: Standard Rate and Zero Excess Rate. With our Relax Zero cover, we set your excess to zero. That basically means that there is no need to leave a deposit and you will not be required to pay anything for any damage caused to the rental vehicle besides the standard admin fee.

If you want to fully cover yourself for any damage to your vehicle whilst it is in your possession then simply ask for our highest level – Peace of Mind insurance. Although this comes at a premium, for many customers it has proven worth its price ten times over. With Peace of Mind, you are covering yourself for damage to the vehicle, damage to the tyres and any chips or cracks in the windscreen (more common than you might think!). You will also get, under this cover, completely free-of-charge breakdown assistance, where Easirent will swap your vehicle with a new one if it cannot be repaired at the roadside Should anything happen to the vehicle that is not your fault, Easirent will not charge you a penny for the repairs (subject to terms).

What to do when dropping your car off

Before you leave the airport or branch, you’ll have to go through a check with an Easirent employee. This last check is yet another opportunity to make sure your car is what it should be. Don’t be shy about getting out of the car, walking around it, and mentioning to the employee if something looks wrong. Remember, this is your last chance to clear up any misconceptions before it gets officially documented.

Note: If you are dropping your car off out of normal operating hours, different rules apply. You are liable for the car until the next business day begins (06:00 AM) so please be sure to check the condition of the car thoroughly before you leave it. This will be explained to you in the branch but if you have any doubts, please contact us on the free phone number.





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