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Why Hire a Van from Wigan?

Hiring a van in Wigan town centre has never been easier, Easirent Wigan is located 0.3 miles away from the local train station.

There are almost as many uses for vans as there are different models. Whether you are:

Hiring a van is the perfect solution.

Here are a few suggestions to help you find the right type of van for your needs.


Moving House

We have available at Easirent Wigan van hire Luton’s with the tail lift, lwb Peugeot , swb transits and the vw crafter these are the most popular vans with house moves.

The large box body of a Luton van offers 1.5 – 2 times the load capacity of a similar-sized long wheel base van – which you can drive on a normal licence.

Their extra width and height makes a huge difference when you are trying to fit large furniture like wardrobes, beds and mattresses in, and unlike panel vans there are no wheel arches or door openings to prevent you making full use of the space.


Shopping For Something Big?

Sometimes you need to make a large purchase – too large for even the biggest of family cars. You might be able to get it delivered, but that is not always possible and can be quite inconvenient.

A good alternative is to hire a van from Wigan and do the delivery yourself! Which van you should rent depends on the size of your purchase – for very long items, look at:

  • Long wheel base vans
  • Extra-long wheel base vans

These both offer load spaces up to 4m long.

For lots of boxes or more regular-sized objects, a short wheel base (SWB) van is probably your best bet, offering a good combination of payload and space.

If your purchase isn’t that big at all, but you happen to have a very small car (or no car at all), then don’t forget the advantages of a small van like a Peugeot partner. Although they aren’t much bigger than a medium-sized car, they have much more space inside and may well be big enough for your needs.


Need To Move Stuff Around?

Whether you need to deliver goods from your business or transport goods or equipment around for your own purposes, hiring a van can be the best solution if you only need it occasionally.

From car-sized to almost lorry-sized, modern vans are extremely capable and easy to drive – why not get an online quote from

If you wish to hire a van from Easirent Wigan then please do not hesitate to contact us on 01942 77 88 99.

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