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Volunteers begin to collect uniforms for Glasgow Commonwealth Games

It is now only just over a month away and the Car Hire Glasgow Airport branch are gearing up for the country’s biggest sporting event ever. They believe the news about the volunteers is beginning to build their excitement for the Games.

Volunteers for this summer’s Glasgow Commonwealth Games have been beginning to collect their uniforms called ‘clydesider’ uniforms, meaning they will be kitted out for whatever the Scottish weather may bring. They collected their kit from Kelvin Hall, which will be the hub for the workforce during the Games.

The 15,000 strong team of helpers will wear red polo shirts and grey trousers when they take up their role for Scotland’s biggest ever sporting event and also be handed a cagoule, hat and umbrella should the weather turn wet. Retired nurse Shelia Henderson was one of the first to collect her uniform, she said “I really like it, it’s nice and bright, comfortable to wear and I’m very proud to wear it actually. It covers all eventualities with a cagoule and umbrella just in case it rains.”

The first volunteers also got a tour of the accreditation centre by Glasgow 2014 chief executive David Grevemberg. He said, “The Games are made by people and so to see the team come together with volunteers, staff and contractors collecting their uniforms and accreditation is great. We’re looking at almost 50,000 people coming through this gateway, so it’s important that it works like clockwork.”