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Wind Turbine ruled out for worries of safety at Gatwick Airport

Car Hire Gatwick Airport consider the turbine rejection the right outcome, but do appreciate the need to find renewable streams of energy production as a priority. 

A golf club near to Gatwick Airport has had a proposal to build a 150ft wind turbine rejected on the grounds it could endanger aircraft. Horne Park Golf Club wanted the turbine as it would have been an extra income source and helps secure the clubs future viability.

Gatwick Airport aerodrome safeguarding officer Amanda Purdye also warned that the turbine could cause radar signals from the airport to bounce back. She said, “Because of the rotating nature of the turbine, it could not be filtered out by the standard radar filtering of static objects. It could have a negative impact on the potential safety of Gatwick Airport’s operation. We must object to this on the grounds of air safety.”

There were also many residents locally to the golf club who raised concerns about the turbine, sighting reduction in house prices and disturbing noise levels as some of the main negative points raised if it was built.