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Winter Car Advice

Here at Easirent wigan we have lots of vehicles to hire to suit all your needs from small cars to large vans.  All cars and vans are checked by our drivers to ensure they run well through the cold winter months listed below are a few things you may want to consider if you are a winter journey this year.

Snow Conditions

The most important thing you can do in snowy conditions is take your time, driving fast in the snow is just asking for trouble and it’s going to take you even longer to get somewhere if you have a crash on the way. Most accidents during winter are caused when people are rushing. Try setting out an extra 15 minutes for every hour the route would usually take

Before driving in snowy conditions always check the pressure of your tires especially for long journeys. The main reason being that if they are not inflated properly the grip is not as firm as it could be and intern they do not grip the road as well the tyre pressures are checked before our vehicles leave the yard. Keeping them pumped up as possible is always in your best interests for both your wellbeing and that of your vehicle; if you are unsure about your grip of your tires having enough grip for the snow then they probably do not.

Torrential Rain & Strong Winds

Torrential rain can cause flash flooding, slippery roads or simply obstruct your view severely, the key hazards to consider when driving on these roads however are other motorists; when the roads are slippery or you have an obstructed view you have a high chance of losing control of the vehicle and colliding with static objects or other motorists.

Ensure to take it slow and take your time on the roads, in any puddles and/or bodies of water your encounter. Taking excessive speed into a body of water may damage your car and could stop you dead in the water due to the force of the impact, taking the puddle and any bodies of water with a steady and reasonable pace will allow you to make it through a lot easier.

Ice Conditions & Black Ice

Conditions such as ice, sleet and hale can create a slippery layer on top of the roads, which can in turn make you crash or slide when driving. This can cause damage to your car or your own health and in turn can and should be avoided.

Before heading out think of a route that will take you down main well-used roads. Things like motorways and A-roads will hold a lot more traffic but in turn would have had a large amount of cars melting the ice as they pass through the in the morning and night before. This in turn means there is less ice on the roads and you are going to be safer driving on those roads, even if there is congestion.

If you are making a winter journey and maybe your car isn’t as reliable as a brand new one  then why not give us at wigan Easirent a call on 01942 778899  and we will be happy to help you make a booking  or alternatively you can book any vehicle through our website

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