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Would another runway at Heathrow Airport reduce Air Fares?

Car Hire Heathrow Airport consider the idea of cheaper flight prices if a new runway was built to be only an idea that is unlikely to become reality.

It is one of the major talking points for regular passengers at Heathrow Airport, regarding a possible further runway, would it make air fares any cheaper. As it stands the airport is what people in the airline industry call ‘capacity constrained’ as it is surrounded by houses and road networks, making the possibility of expansion very tricky. This is tough for Heathrow Airport as there is the pressure of not loosing the number one position on international passenger traffic to Dubai, which could happen next year.

As it stands Heathrow and Gatwick have been forwarded as the two airports best served by expansion, as Heathrow Airport released a report recently claiming the congestion of the two runways means passengers pay £95 extra on average for air fares, but a third runway could result in a drop of £300 on a round-trip flight by 2030.

This is hard to believe as Britain has one of the highest aviation taxes in the world, which has risen some 2,600% in the last twenty years. This is one of the current burdens to lower air fares, and would be no different if a third runway was created. This means the airlines would have to increase what they pay towards the total cost. Also major international airports are hives for economic growth, which does include airline profitability, so when there is expansion at an airport, offering ticket discount is not high up on the list of the project’s goals.